The Symphony of Sound and Mindfulness


Step into a realm where the ancient harmonies of the Himalayas and the wisdom of the ages come together.

Meet Guy Yair Beider - a passionate advocate for sound therapy arts, and an authority on Himalayan singing bowls.

Guy's devotion isn't just to the art of sound, but to the science and soul of it. His approach stems from a rich tapestry of research spanning psychology, musicology, and psychoacoustics, ensuring that each sonic journey is not only mesmerizing but also grounded in deep knowledge.


Journeying through the corners of India, Nepal, and Tibet, Guy's relentless pursuit of sonic purity has seen him hand-select each instrument he plays. For nearly a decade, he delved deep, testing thousands of singing bowls, embracing their tones, and absorbing the ancestral wisdom each holds. Through his dedication, Guy brings to life the enchanting beauty of these instruments for his listeners.


Since 2010, Guy has orchestrated hundreds of sound meditations in diverse settings. From the quiet corners of yoga studios and sacred places of medicine plants ceremonies to the bustling arenas of businesses and educational institutions, his. Furthermore, he's touched the lives of many, including veterans, individuals with special needs, and those on paths of recovery, showing the healing power of sound.


In 2015, the world saw the inception of the "Bells of Bliss" project, an initiative that has now gained international acclaim, all thanks to Guy's vision.

By 2020, Guy yet again trailblazed a path in the realm of sound, introducing an innovative method to educate aspiring sound therapy practitioners and meditation teachers through the esteemed Sound Medicine Academy.


Come, immerse yourself in the world of Guy Yair Beider, where sound is not just heard as a poetry of space, but felt and experienced deeply. Welcome to a symphony of healing, mindfulness, and unparalleled expertise.


Sound Journey Guiding Voices


Embark on a transformative sound journey curated by a handpicked collection of exquisite instruments, meticulously chosen for their ability to transport and rejuvenate.

Dive deep into the heart of Guy's sessions, where the mellifluous tones of museum-quality singing bowls - aged between 100 to 300 years - beckon.

Each bowl stands as a testament to rich, harmonious tones, their lingering resonances ushering in grounding and relaxation with every rhythmic pulse. As a collective, they merge into a harmonized symphony of frequencies, producing a mesmerizing synergy.

Experience the gentle embrace of vibroacoustic massage. As each bowl lightly touches the body, it births a cascade of delicate vibrations. Within moments, a surge of nourishing resonances permeate every cell, softening the core of your being and dissolving tensions, both physical and emotional.

The gong, a transformative conduit, heralds a journey of regeneration and introspection. Deep-rooted evolutionary ties tether us to low tones, evoking shadows and dormant fears, while the high-pitched frequencies dance with luminosity and elation.

Guy masterfully alternates between these dichotomous tones. As a deep, resounding gong unfolds into shimmering overtones, it paints an ethereal dance of light within the recesses of darkness. This oscillation ushers in an emotive exploration, bridging the realms of shadow and illumination in a tangible embrace.