About Guy Beider


My journey into the realms of self-discovery and personal growth has spanned many years, always with an insatiable desire to evolve and enrich not just my own life, but also the lives of those around me. In 2007, fate steered me towards the mystical resonance of the Himalayan singing bowls. The very first note struck a deep chord within me; time seemed to pause, and my heart raced. That intricate blend of simplicity and complexity was not just something I heard, but something I felt in every fiber of my being.

Initially, as I sought to understand these mesmerizing instruments, I was met with fragmented and often conflicting information. The cacophony of loud strikes on such profound instruments, especially in numerous YouTube videos, instilled doubt. Yet, amidst the noise, my soul yearned for the subtle, nuanced beauty that these bowls promised.

Undeterred, I began my own exploration. I acquired several singing bowls and started crafting hypnotic sequences, weaving a tapestry of sounds for individuals and groups alike. My instruments, along with the heartfelt reactions of my audience, became my most profound educators. I immersed myself into understanding each bowl's unique acoustic attributes, diving deep into realms of musicology, physics, psychoacoustics, and psychology.

Knowledge and intuition started to harmonize, and I truly began to grasp the magic unfolding before me.

Since 2010, I have orchestrated hundreds of sound journeys, each one a testimony to the transformative power of sound. Time and again, I've been privileged to witness genuine miracles; profound shifts in those who partake in the experience. Their transformations have imbued me with confidence, purpose, and a burning passion to share this art with you.

I embark on this mission with boundless humility and gratitude. But above all, I recognize the immense responsibility that accompanies such a sacred undertaking.

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